Produce Custom Machined Parts and Accessories

Call an experienced machinist serving Liberty & Belfast, ME

You don't have to keep looking for hard-to-find gun parts or machined products . You can hire Creative Machining & Fabrication to produce those pieces to your specifications and preferences in Liberty, ME. We can also install items like sights and muzzle brakes.

Explore our additional services

You can turn to our team for a variety of custom metal fabrication services. We can fabricate parts or tools for your:

  • Vehicle, like a classic car
  • Farm equipment, like a tractor
  • Landscaping equipment, like a lawnmower
  • Construction equipment, like an excavator

You can even hire us to make obscure or discontinued/obsolete parts. To discuss what a local machinist in Liberty, ME can do for you, call 207-323-2819 right away.

Why count on Creative Machining & Fabrication?

All of our team members have extensive experience in the precision machining industry. We're among the most well-equipped machine shops in the community, with all-manual machines, and we're one of the only companies offering gunsmith services. Email our family owned and operated company today to discuss what we can do for you.